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Way to Go!

Each month we are going to highlight any and all golfing accomplishments made by members in the previous month. So, if you make an ace, shoot your best score, hole one from the fairway, whatever it may be; please let us know in the Golf Shop and we’ll highlight it and let everyone know what you’ve done! (It’s OK to toot your own horn in golf, heaven knows we all experience enough bad shots!).

Please email your stories to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Congratulations to Ed Bullock for his Eagle on hole #15.  Ed hit this shot from the fairway from 126 yards out with an 8 iron.  His witness was Mr. Jim Owens.
Way to go Ed!!!!!

 Congratulations to Jim Wiersma who eagled #6 yesterday. Bob Righter, Wes Cox, and Mike McNeal “witnessed” the feat as Jim hit a 6 iron into the hole for a 2. Jim’s approach shot was right at the flag and looked good from his vantage point in the fairway. When Jim reached the green, he did not see his ball anywhere so he suspected that he had actually gone over the back of the green - when he did not see a ball over the back of the green, he looked in the hole and there was his ball. Great shot Jim!!! Congratulations!!!

Congratulations to Kevin Walsh on hitting a hole-in-one on Thursday, September 3rd.  Kevin hit his perfect shot on hole #8 from 157 yards out with a 6 iron.  Way to go Kevin!


 Men's Club Championship Results

2020 Mens/Senior Club Championship

Championship Flight:

1st – Jim Hess 153 -  *Birdied #10 in playoff

2nd – Mike Floyd 153 

3rd – Phillip Tatum 154

4th – Adam Sutherland 

5th – Paul Dempsey 157


First Flight:

1st Gross- Chuck Burke 159 

2nd Gross- Robb Scofield 160 

3rd Gross- Billly Chancellor 163

4th Gross – Wes Kaigler 164

5th Gross - Rian Shields 170 


1st Net - Josh Smitherman (134)

2nd Net – Dennis Singleterry (143)

3rd Net – Paul Howell (146) 

4th Net – Johnnie Burke (148) 

5th Net - Justin Smitherman (149)


Senior Flight :

A 1st Gross – Frank Lary 147

A 2nd Gross – Kevin Walsh 153  *Scorecard playoff

A 3rd Gross – Ronnie Maiden 153 

A 4th Gross – Hugh Marion 159 - 

A 1st Net – Rocky Randolph (136)  *Scorecard playoff

A 2nd Net – Jim Wilson (136) 

A 3rd Net – Mike Joiner (137)

A 4th Net – Al Coffin (142) 


B 1st Gross – Dennis Smith 163 

B 2nd Gross – John Olson 174

B 3rd Gross – Billy Jett 175 

B 1st Net – Steve Ware (145) 

B 2nd Net – Dennis Douglas (148) 

B 3rd Net – Dan Loftin (157)  *Scorecard playoff

*2020 Mens Senior Club Champion – Frank Lary *

**2020 Mens Club Champion – Jim Hess**





2020 Ladies Club Championship Wednesday & Thursday July 29th & 30th


1st Gross - Debbie Atchley 85-74* - 159 *Eagle 3 on #18 2nd Gross -

Mary Ulfers 86 – 93 - 179 1st Net -

Bok Stamper (65) – (68) – (133)

**2020 Ladies Club Champion – Debbie Atchley**

Past Champions in the Field - Bok Stamper 2018-2019 Debbie Atchley 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,2017 Susan McDaniel 20010-2011 Missy Bebb 2005



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