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 Golf Tip of the Month/August 2018

Golf Tip of the Month/August 2018

PGA Professional Jerry Applegate

Last month we talked about the mid irons (5-6-7). This month we are going to focus on the short irons (8-9). These clubs can be the easiest clubs in the bag to hit because of (you guessed it!) loft. These clubs are shorter and have more loft. Take your address position (set up) with your feet shoulder width and the ball in the middle of the stance. Be sure you are bent from the hips and slightly from the knees (like a Quarterback taking a snap).

Remember, these clubs are shorter so by design we must stand closer to the ball and our swing plane will be more upright. We don’t have to force an upright swing, it will happen naturally because of the length of the club. These clubs produce higher shots. You don’t have to force the ball up in the air, the loft of these clubs will do that naturally. Sometimes we see people trying to lift the ball (or scoop he ball) up in the air with these clubs. Remember, just take your normal swing and the loft of the club will get the ball up in the air.

Something else we see at times is people trying to hit down on the ball to get it up in the air. Remember, last month we talked about trying to make your swing look like a circle (by rotating your body). Look at the circle. The club has to go down to the ball. That is the nature of a circle. So again, you don’t have to force the swing down, it does that naturally.

A great drill to practice with short irons is the “Feet and Knees Together” drill. To perform this drill use any of the short irons. Set up with your feet and knees together and touching. Make a golf swing at about 80% power. You may lose your balance and even fall down. Don’t despair, keep on trying and practicing this drill. It will improve your balance and your ball striking. It will also make your swing more circular more consistently.

Next time you watch the Pros on TV pay particular attention to how they hit their short irons. Watch how circular their swings are. A question that I am often asked about short irons is “How do you put backspin on the ball with a short iron?”. The answer is clubhead speed and centeredness of contact. Unfortunatley we don’t have a Tour level amount of either. That is why we don’t have the backspin they do.

Thanks and I hope to see you out at Ballantrae in August!!


Here is a list of the 2018 Golf CLinics 


End of Summer Ladies Clinic- Sunday September 9th   -2:00-3:30pm$10 per Lady


Fall (Weekday) Get Golf Ready - September 13th, September 20th, September 27th, October 4th & October 11th(October 18th rain/make up date) Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm$80 per student (for all 5 sessions)






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