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Instructional Tips

Golf Tip of the Month for February 2019

From Assistant PGA Professional Chris Payne

Golf Tip

With the rain and cold weather, it can be hard to keep our swing consistent and repeatable. Long stretches without practice or play can cause us all to be inconsistent, even the good players, and also increases the likelihood of injury. Here’s a tip to ensure that you’re bringing the best version of your game to the course when you haven’t had the chance to play or practice in a while.

STRETCH, STRETCH, and STRETCH. Sure, you’ve still been active even though you haven’t been playing golf, but the daily hustle and bustle of work or chores around the house isn’t enough to keep our golfing muscles as loose as we want them. Even on days you can’t play, make it a point to do golf specific stretches. Try laying a golf club across your shoulders. Then, cross and lift your hands to the club to hold it in place. Make sure you point the shaft end of the club toward what would be your target. Practice making a full shoulder turn to the point that the shaft gets behind the position where the golf ball would be in your stance. If you can come to the 1st tee with your shoulders still turning fully, you should be able to find your way around the course, even with the long break between rounds.

Chris Payne PGA Assisstant

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