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Golf Tip of the Month/June 2018

PGA Professional Jerry ApplegateLast month we focused on the driver. This month we are going to talk about hitting the 3 wood. For many, if not most, players the 3 wood is the toughest club in the bag to hit. It has very little loft (13 to 16 degrees) and has a smaller head than the driver.For me, it is by far the toughest club to hit. I will always hit a few 3 woods towards the end of my warm up sessions. I may not hit it at all during the round if I struggle with it in warm up. If I hit it well during warm up I know my swing is spot on and I will play more aggressively that round.This difficulty is because of 2 things. Club head speed and effective loft at impact. It affects me directly because I struggle with those 2 areas, club head speed and effective loft at impact. Many folks struggle with club head speed. If you are getting older and hitting it shorter, or if you have always struggled with length, the 3 wood is going to be tough for you to hit. If you hit the ball low, or have difficulty returning the club head to impact with consistent loft, you will struggle with the 3 wood also.The other aspect of loft that you don’t hear discussed a lot is that loft equals margin for error. The more loft a club has, the more margin for error it has. If your swing is like mine and is full of errors, you need all the margin for error you can get. For that reason I have given many lessons (and recommendations) and have told the folks to go to a 5 wood (or a 7 wood). These clubs have more loft, and therefore a bigger margin for error.From a technical perspective let’s talk about the swing for the 3 wood (or maybe now a 5 or 7 wood!). To increase clubhead speed try to turn the hips harder and faster. Remember to maintain your balance and control as you do this. If you generate more speed but you lose your balance, you will not impart that added speed to the ball. The second piece of the puzzle is to maintain effective loft at impact. To do that, you want a shallow arc through impact. We have talked on several occasions about how to achieve that shallow arc. Remember to turn your shoulders and hips (don’t swing steeply with your hands and arms). If your swing involves your hands and arms too much it will directly affect the effective loft of the club at impact.So, remember to try a 5 or 7 wood if you struggle with the 3 wood. I just added back a 7 wood to my bag after not carrying one for several years. Also remember to work on adding speed to your swing. Finally, work on returning the clubhead to impact with the proper loft. Don’t add loft or deloft the club head by involving your hands too much. Good luck & we’ll see you out at Ballantrae!


Here is a list of the 2018 Golf CLinics 


Ballantrae Junior Golf Academy - $90 per Junior per session

Session 1:   Ages 7 to 9- June 5-8th  -8:00-10:30am

Session 2: Ages 10 to 12 -  June 12-15th -    8:00-10:30am    

Session 3: Ages 13 to 15 -  June 19-22nd -   8:00-10:30am    

Summer Get Golf Ready -June 23rd, June 30th, July 7th, July 14th & July 21st (July 28th rain/make up date)Saturdays 10:00-11:00am$80 per student (for all 5 sessions)

End of Summer Ladies Clinic- Sunday September 9th   -2:00-3:30pm$10 per Lady

Fall (Weekday) Get Golf Ready - September 13th, September 20th, September 27th, October 4th & October 11th(October 18th rain/make up date) Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm$80 per student (for all 5 sessions)






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